A resume objective can serve as a quick introduction to your goals and talents. Well-written resume objectives can be used to tie your whole resume together in 2 or 3 sentences. 

What does objectives mean on a resume?

An objective on a resume is a short job-specific section at the top which highlights your:

  • The intent for the role and how you’ll benefit the company – how you plan on tackling the position to make a valuable impact
  • What you’ve done previously – how your history relates to the role
  • Your career goals – how your goals align with the position 

Should a resume have an objective

An objective is an optional section of a resume, it isn’t crucial but it can be very helpful if you are a recent graduate, changing careers, moving to a new area or have very little job experience. It allows you to grab the employer’s attention from the start and let them know what you can do. 

How to write objectives for a resume

The easiest way to write an objective is to first complete the rest of your resume. You can then go over it to determine the most important aspects and add that to your objective. It is essentially a summary of your most impressive skills and abilities as it relates to the job.

Don’t include pronouns or unnecessary articles. You want to keep it as short as possible with a maximum of 3 lines.

Use strong action verbs to describe yourself.

State how you would help the company through this role.

Keep it focused on the specific job and avoid generalised statements. 

write objectives for a resume

What to put in the objectives section of a resume

  • Start off with a word to describe yourself such as innovative, creative, analytical or accomplished
  • Include the role or industry you’ve been working in – if you have experience
  • Describe what your intentions are for the role, including the job title and company name
  • Add keywords and action verbs

Tips for writing objectives on a resume

  • Gear it towards what you can do for the employer instead of what you want from them
  • Don’t add too many details
  • Tailor it based on the job description
  • Be clear and concise

Resume objectives example on Indeed


Need help with objectives for your resume?

Critical thinker and recent Human Resources graduate seeking the role of XXX with company XXX to gain exposure to all aspects of HR whilst providing new ideas, solving problems and shaping the future.

Recent Nursing graduate with 10+ years of experience in administration, seeking to grow within the field and provide care at a state hospital. Dedicated to serving and supporting patients.

Analytical Financial Assistant with 2 years of proven experience managing P&L, overseeing reconciliations and handling monthly management accounts. Currently seeking to leverage my skills as an XXX for XXX.

Sales Manager relocating from South Africa to London in June –  experienced at driving sustainable revenue growth and leading teams to deliver results. 

A well-written objective can get you far! Make it snappy and engaging.