When it comes to writing your resume, it’s easy to fall back on tired phrasing or buzzwords with little meaning. With the number of applications recruiters get, you have to grab their attention and be memorable.

The following article will guide you to improve your resume with engaging power words. Read on to find out which power words to use in a resume.

What are power words in a resume

Power words describe your skills and abilities in action by using strong verbs. These persuasive and influential words quickly grab attention and entice further reading.

It is the difference between:

I am responsible for finding new clients VS Acquired new clients

I am tasked with managing a team VS Lead a team

Are action verbs and power words the same

Power words are action verbs but can also include keywords, adverbs and adjectives.  

Why should you use resume power words

Resumes often look the same and use phrasing which doesn’t capture attention or accurately describe the experience. Using power words quickly highlights your experience, skills, abilities and suitability for the job. 

Resume power words

List of power words for resume


  1. Achieved
  2. Won
  3. Delivered
  4. Yielded
  5. Surpassed
  6. Streamlined
  7. Exceeded
  8. Attained
  9. Acquired
  10. Succeed
  11. Decreased
  12. Increased
  13. Augmented
  14. Boosted
  15. Excelled
  16. Drove
  17. Improved


  1. Led
  2. Supervised
  3. Motivated
  4. Supported
  5. Empowered
  6. Guided
  7. Headed
  8. Controlled
  9. Orchestrated
  10. Directed
  11. Spearhead


  1. Resolved
  2. Restored
  3. Analysed
  4. Reviewed
  5. Salvaged
  6. Fixed
  7. Settled
  8. Rectified
  9. Corrected
  10. Remedied


  1. Developed
  2. Designed
  3. Originated
  4. Conceptualised
  5. Established
  6. Devised
  7. Modelled
  8. Drafted
  9. Constructed
  10. Formed
  11. Cultivated
  12. Progressed
  13. Advanced


  1. Persuaded
  2. Influenced
  3. Conveyed
  4. Presented
  5. Articulated
  6. Explained
  7. Described
  8. Conferred
  9. Discussed
  10. Collaborated
  11. Liaised


  1. Yielded
  2. Generated
  3. Returned
  4. Enumerated
  5. Quantified
  6. Computed
  7. Analysed
  8. Reviewed
  9. Planned
  10. Forecasted

Customer service

  1. Assisted
  2. Aided
  3. Advised
  4. Supported
  5. Acquired
  6. Retained
  7. Answered
  8. Helped
  9. Advocated
  10. Championed
  11. Assured

Benefits of using power words in your resume

Using power words can help you pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and stand out from the hundreds of resumes recruiters receive.

They can differentiate you from the rest of the applicants as your resume will read as unique and memorable – giving you a better chance at progressing through the recruitment process.

Tips for using power words

Balance your use of power words with descriptions – don’t add too many because they will lose their impact

Use them within context, if you’re not sure what a word means you can do a quick Google search to check if the meaning fits well with your sentence

Use words that many people will understand and use very little jargon, making your resume too complicated to understand is counterproductive

Power word examples


Using the above tips will help you get noticed. We encourage you to have a look at your resume and see where you can improve! Need help tailoring your resume? Read this article.