LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with like-minded professionals, finding jobs and building community. In the past few years, it has become essential to have an up-to-date, active and engaging profile because of integrated tools like LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruiter Lite. The following article will help you to raise your profile to a higher level and get you noticed!

Why is it important to have a good LinkedIn profile?

  1. It gives you a chance to directly connect with and message recruiters and hiring managers. Interacting with their posts will help you stand out as well because they are more likely to remember your name if it pops up in their notifications often
  2. Prospective employers use it to verify the information on your CV and learn more about your personality via what you react to and post on your profile
  3. Recruiters use it to find candidates with specific search filters which means you must optimise your profile to make sure it is picked up
  4. It is often used to headhunt candidates via direct message
  5. You can directly apply for jobs on the platform

How can professional CV writing services help?

We have written hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and practice makes perfect! We can completely rewrite your entire page, making it visible to recruiter searches, in alignment with your goals and engaging to read. 

How to make the best LinkedIn profile

  1. Include keywords to make your profile visible during recruiter searches
  2. Make it unique and interesting, engaging the reader to continue scrolling
  3. Take advantage of the skills section and include as many as possible
  4. Make sure your location is listed accurately as recruiters sometimes search by the radius of the job
  5. Make a custom LinkedIn URL using this guide
  6. Connect with as many people as you know
  7. Ensure your profile is complete with all information fields filled in
  8. Turn on the “open to job opportunities” feature, learn how
How to get your LinkedIn Profile noticed by recruiters

Optimize your profile picture

  1. Take a professional headshot
  2. Use a blank wall as your background
  3. Make sure to take it during the day for good natural lighting
  4. Use a ring light and phone stand if you have one
  5. Ask someone else to take the photo for you or prop your phone up
  6. Wear a professional outfit
  7. Use a photo with only you in it
  8. Get your head and shoulders in the picture without too much dead space above you
  9. Never use a selfie, especially one taken in a bathroom or mirror 

Write a headline for your profile

Your headline needs to be clear, direct and short. Include your current role title (which will increase the chances of being found through a search), unique selling point (USP) and a few keywords. Use a vertical bar (|) or symbol to separate different ideas. 

Create a compelling LinkedIn summary

  1. Keep it to three short paragraphs
  2. Start by writing about your main selling point
  3. Back this up with an example and link it to your current role
  4. Use the last paragraph to write about your soft skills
  5. Add your personality 

Highlight your work experience

Remember that LinkedIn is your online CV so you should put as much effort into it as you would your regular CV. Use your current CV as a guide to writing your work experience section. Rewrite the sentences and make them shorter, think about how it would look on a smartphone as that is where a majority of people use the application.

Utilise as much of the space as possible when including your job title for each role. Job titles function as a keyword when recruiters search LinkedIn, the more specific it is, the better. Don’t forget to explain unemployment gaps and include measurable results. 

Showcase skills and endorsements

Include 50 skills and ask friends or colleagues to endorse the most important. Endorsements also increase the strength of your profile which means recruiters are more likely to find you. 

Add any relevant recommendations

Your first-degree connections can write recommendations which appear on your profile! Take advantage of this feature because it will give your profile more legitimacy, corroborating your performance and skills with outside opinions. These may also be people who serve as references for your CV. 

Are professional cv writing services worth it?

CV writing services are always worth it. Think of it as an investment into your future. It can save a lot of time and effort which you could be using toward excelling in your career. We can provide expert advice and feedback in addition to delivering a LinkedIn profile and CV tailored to your industry and job role.  

Contact us if you would like help to optimise your LinkedIn profile.