A Cover Letter is a seminal part of a traditional job application. In the past, it would go in front of the CV or be stapled at the top before the job application was posted or passed to the recruiter. However, with Cover Letters on job sites such as Indeed now becoming an optional part of applying for a new role there is some question over the worth of the Cover Letter particularly when the process of writing one can be tricky. That’s where we come in. We at DiamondCV are here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to cover letters.

Is It Necessary To Write a Cover Letter?

Simply put yes. As well as being a great way to sell yourself as the best possible candidate for the role it also conveys genuine interest in the company and role. The main thing employers want to see displayed by their candidates is enthusiasm and interest, something that taking the time to write a cover letter addressed and targeted to your potential employer demonstrates. Furthermore, not taking that time shows them the opposite and some recruiters will throw applications out simply because they do not have a cover letter attached. So yes, it’s vital to take the time to write a Cover Letter.

Who Should I Address My Cover Letter to?

When writing a cover letter it can be hard to know exactly who to address. Sometimes there might be a name attached to the job submission or an email to whom you should send an application to, allowing you to divine the name of the pertinent person. If not then I would suggest simply using the moniker of “to whom it may concern” as it sounds slightly more professional than the typical “Sir/Madam”.

What should a Cover Letter look like?

A Cover Letter at the end of the day is still a form of a letter and should be formatted as such with your address at the top and the content in the middle before you sign your name at the bottom. The register in which you should write should also be akin to a formal letter. Here’s an example of a very basic cover letter:

How Long should my cover letter be?

Not to sound too much like Goldie locks but it shouldn’t be too short nor too long. It should only take up one page but should do a good job of outlining all your best qualities to the potential employer as well as demonstrating your interest in the role. A general idea would be between 300 and 400 words, but this is obviously dependent on the type of role and how much you have to say. Definitely no less than 200 or more than a page.

Writing a Cover Letter can be a lengthy and repetitive process particularly with the need to adapt it for each individual role you apply for. If you don’t have the time, patience or don’t know where to start when writing a Cover Letter after reading this article then perhaps our Cover Letter writing service is for you! We at DiamondCV have a team of expert writers dedicated to producing professional, high-quality Cover Letters, CV’s and LinkedIn Profiles tailored to your career aspirations and aimed at your target roles. To get your free personalised job-seeking action plan and to discuss your Cover Letter needs in more detail book a free consultation or give us a call now!