Congratulations! You’ve got an interview, your next job is within your grasp. However, you’ve still got to go through the dreaded Interview process. Before you even get the chance to explain why you’re perfect for the role, first you have to decide on what to wear. With terms like “Business Casual” and “Office Wear” casually thrown out it can be a minefield to know exactly what to wear to a job interview. But have no fear. Just follow these simple tips and we’ll have you in that office making your mark in no time at all.

1. Do Your Research!

You wouldn’t go to the Interview itself without researching the job description and company so don’t neglect the dress code either! If the company has social media check it out. Look to see if they have any photos or descriptions about what their current employees wear to give you an idea of what you should wear to the job interview. If you can’t find anything then you can always call the company’s HR department and ask them to clarify for you. Though you may think this might put an employer off it actually demonstrates your interest in the role. If you’d really like to give yourself the best chance of landing your next role, check out our range of CV and Career services!

2. What to Wear to a “Business Casual” Job Interview??!

You see it on job descriptions all the time but what does “Business Casual” actually mean? You can guess that it’s not a suit and tie but does a t-shirt and jeans really convey your suitability for the role? What then should you wear to a “Business Casual” job Interview

Simply put “Business Casual” refers to smart, professional dress that isn’t formally tailored. When it comes to men, this usually means a long sleeve shirt with a collar and dress trousers instead of jeans. 

As for women, a blouse and a skirt or dress trousers should equally convey your professionalism while not appearing too formal. Also, leave the trainers at home, no matter how expensive or in-demand they might be, a pair of shoes will serve you far better. For more tips on CV writing and Job-searching check out our Blog.

For a more in-depth guide of what to wear to a “business casual” Interview head over to this great article from Indeed:   

3. What to Wear to a Formal/Professional Job Interview?

Despite the increasing popularity of employers adopting business/office casual dress codes, some still insist on formal wear. In men’s case, this refers quite simply to a suit and tie. Play it safe and leave the diamond check shirts and bright red trousers in the wardrobe. Instead go for a white or neutral coloured shirt and a blazer and trousers in a darker tone like grey, navy or black. Although you might want to stand out, it’s better to look professional and sell yourself in the actual interview. 

When it comes to women there’s a broader section available but the advice remains similar. Don’t go for anything too flashy, a blouse and blazer or a professional-looking dress will more than do you justice. Likewise, keep the jewellery and accessories simple.

For more tips on what to wear to a more formal interview – Check out:

4. Online Job Interviews

Since the Covid pandemic for obvious reasons, many employers are conducting their interviews over the internet. These interviews use a webcam-based format, usually, through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google meet so make sure you know which software is going to be used so you can download it in advance of your interview. 

What should you wear to an online interview? The same as you would for an in-person one. Do your research and find out the recruiters dress code in advance and dress appropriately. As well as the fact that the employer can still see you, getting dressed up will make you feel professional and get you ready for the interview itself. Don’t be tempted to just do the top half either, what if you need to get up halfway through or your webcam falls off?!

Good Luck!

There you go! You’re all dressed up and ready to ace that upcoming interview! Now all you’ve got to do is convince the person opposite you’re the best candidate for the job and you’ll be cashing in your first wage slip in no time.  If for some reason you aren’t successful in your Job Interview or haven’t quite reached that stage, perhaps it’s time to give your CV and Cover letter a makeover. Whether your CV needs a complete rewrite or a polish to make it stand out from the crowd, Contact Us for a free CV Assessment Today!