Bronze Package – Executive Career (ZAR)


A complete solution for executives. The bronze package includes a professional CV, targeted cover letter and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) guidance.

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Bronze Package for Executives


The Bronze CV Package from DiamondCV Ltd is the perfect starter package for getting your career tools in order. With a fully optimised CV and targeted cover letter, you can confidently approach your job search with the knowledge that your unique offering and expertise will be on display to potential employers.

Forming part of the Bronze package, we will provide a full consultation with one of our writing partners who will work through your CV, line-by-line, and prompt you for additional, valuable information to craft a stand-out CV. Additionally, providing a job description of your ideal role will help to provide context to your targeted cover letter.


Our Bronze Package includes:


  • A Fully Tailored and ATS optimised CV/CV Rewrite
  • A Job-Specific Cover Letter aimed directly at your target role
  • Expert guidance on how to adapt your CV for future applications
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Guidance