If you want to land that game-changing dream job, then you must consider allowing a professional to rewrite your CV. The process these professional CV writing services adopt is simple. They assess the content of your current CV, advise on structural and content changes, and finally appoint professional in-house writers to revitalise your CV.

How does writing a CV work?

Do NOT forget that the shortlist of candidates selected for an interview is based on the quality of their CVs. A well-structured CV allows a prospective employer to assess what you are capable of and your level of experience. It is for those reasons that a CV must be polished and your best bet for landing a coveted interview is to appoint professionals to rewrite your CV. 

These are the pitfalls they avoid:

  • Poor formatting
  • Bad grammar and spelling mistakes
  • No attention to detail
  • Misleading information
  • Overload of information
  • Cliché faux pas

These are the areas they will emphasise:

  • A clean and simple CV
  • An easy-to-read font and font size
  • A focus on your achievements
  • Avoiding any employment gaps or job-hopping

The end result is a professional-looking CV that not only outshines all rivals who attempt to write their curriculum vitae but also has a much better chance of grabbing that much-wanted job interview.

craft a professional resume

Why use Diamond CV?

If you are looking for a professional cv rewrite service in the UK, you need to look no further than Diamond CV. This professional CV writing service provider offers its clients:

  • A free assessment
  • A personalised plan of action
  • A powerful and optimised CV
  • LinkedIn profile
  • A 100% money-back guarantee
  • Your own dedicated CV writer

Showing your true worth and your true self is important and that is why a cover letter and supporting documents aligned with your CV are vital to achieving your end goal. Do not overlook the importance of raising the professional tone of your CV. We are more than happy to help you choose the best type of resume for your job application.

Diamond CV offers three packages – bronze, silver, and gold, and caters to graduate, professional and executive career levels.

The Bronze Package

The Bronze CV Package provides all the essential tools to help you to get noticed and increase your chances of getting hired. You will receive a professionally crafted CV and cover letter to help your application into the ‘YES’ pile and through the recruiter’s door. The documents will be professionally tailored to your career accomplishments, aspirations and aims.

The Silver Package

The Silver Package provides everything you need to maximise your chances of getting hired! This bundle includes all the tools research has shown to be the most important to recruiters and potential employers. Your CV will reflect your career accomplishments, aspirations and aims.

The Gold Package

The Gold Package provides everything you need to maximise your chances of getting hired and then some…such as an interview preparation or career coaching session to help hone your interview skills and focus your target roles on what you want.

Important Facts About CVs

There are many factors to consider when writing/rewriting a CV. Factors such as achievements, design, keywords, layout, and succinctness all play a major role. That is why you should invest in yourself to achieve your end goal. This can be achieved by appointing a professional CV writer to get you through that door of opportunity. According to experts, you should be prepared to pay at least 1% of your annual income for the preparation of a professional CV. 

Since there is so much competition out there, you should use professional CV writing services to make your CV outshine the rest. Writing a CV is no easy task.

However, providing a prospective employer with a professional resume of your working career is the key to successful job-hunting. These CV writers know how to craft a professional document that will accelerate your career. Consider the appointment of a CV writing services company as an investment in your career because they know how to present your true worth.