Anyone with any sort of experience Job searching in the 21st century has likely at one time or another used a job search site. These sites, whether it be Indeed or another variation, offer the job-seeker the convenience of seemingly thousands of jobs at their fingertips and makes the job application process quick and easy. However, are job sites actually all there cracked up to be? Do the job applications get where there supposed to be and even if they do, are traditional applications preferred and automated ones snubbed? Well have no fear, we at DiamondCV are here to answer all your job site related questions.

Are Online Job Sites Worth using?

The convenience and automation of job sites have long made them the first port of call for many job seekers, allowing them to quickly search through jobs and find the ones that might be for them in a matter of minutes. Some job sites, such as in the case of Indeed, even streamline the application process through added automation, allowing you to upload your CV, optionally write a cover letter and answer some preliminary questions or tasks set by the employer. However, given what we’ve said in a previous article about Cover Letters, you shouldn’t be choosing to ignore writing one.

It’s easy to see then why we might naturally gravitate to a job site and its added tools to make the tedious task of job-searching just that little bit faster and easier. However, the Zipjob team beg to differ, criticising many of the things that the majority of job-seekers feel are the most beneficial aspects of job sites. In their article, they argue that this almost scientific and automated approach to job searching is actually decreasing the chances of getting you hired. Every application looks the same and includes the same basic content and so they are only ever given a cursory glance, massively decreasing your chances of getting hired. Instead, Zipjobs argue, the traditional job application made directly to a company or HR department with a specified CV and Cover Letter aimed at the job in question will give you a much higher chance of getting the position you want. 

Fake “Job Adverts”

As with everything on the internet, there is always the potential for abuse. Indeed and other job sites do a pretty decent job of checking the validity of a job advert but the speed of the process somewhat undermines this. 

There are several reasons why a business might place a “fake job advert” on a job site such as assessing the candidate market at the time, getting CV’s in case of the need for a recruitment drive and giving the illusion of a fair recruitment process even if nepotism or internal hiring has already determined the result. Some companies advertise more positions than they are hiring,  just to give job seekers more hope that they might win a prestigious position and increase the number of applications, even if the reality is anything but.  

This information isn’t designed entirely to warn job seekers off using job search sites but it pays to be vigilant when looking at job adverts particularly if they’re offering a lot of money in salary but with little qualification over what the actual role is. If they can’t be bothered to spend the time to write a proper job description chances are they also won’t spend the time to read through your application. 

Job Site vs Company Site

As we have previously mentioned, there is some doubt about the effectiveness of online job applications, particularly when they go through an automated process like that of Indeed. With this in mind, some jobs advertised on Indeed give you the option of applying through the company page rather than Indeed’s automated process. To many job seekers, particularly if they have been looking for a while, the ease of Indeeds process is incredibly attractive.

However, in terms of job application success, applying directly to the company through their application process is definitely going to increase your chances of landing your desired position. To put it simply, they have offered this for a reason. Whether simply because it makes their job easier to review them or they ask for more information through this process in order to help make the decision of who to invite to interview, your application is more likely to be accepted and reviewed if you apply to the company directly. 

To take this further, even if the option to take you to a recruiters application web page then I would still recommend that you apply directly to them rather than use the Indeed application forum. Search for the company on the internet and send your CV WITH COVER LETTER by email, find their HR team on LinkedIn and send it through there. If it is at all possible apply directly! Yes, it will take longer, but I assure you that it will double your chances of getting hired. If you really can’t find an alternate way to apply other than through Indeed then review whether it is an actual job advert and make sure that you adapt your CV to the job in question and write a suitable cover letter before applying through Indeed.


Overall, Job Sites can be a great way to find out what sort of jobs are on offer and whether or not you would be suitable for those roles. It’s easy to navigate, quick to search and can be used on the go. However, when applying for a role directly I would always recommend using job sites to find the position and then applying directly to the company rather than through the automated job site process.

If for some reason you aren’t invited to a Job Interview then perhaps it’s time to give your CV and Cover letter a makeover. Whether your CV needs a complete rewrite or a polish to make it stand out from the crowd, Contact Us for a free CV Assessment Today!